August is National Back-to-School month, when kids and teachers from around the country prepare to head back into their classrooms. Shopping for school supplies, meeting new classmates and beginning another school year is exciting for many kids, but for children in foster care it can cause real anxiety.

The nature of foster care causes separation anxiety and an unknown future for thousands of children. Not knowing where you may sleep next, or whose home you’ll be staying in causes unnecessary worry for kids who should be focused on enjoying school, working on their homework and having fun pursuing sports, music or their favorite passion. It’s difficult enough for adults to face such uncertainty, and here at Choice we believe that every child deserves to have hope for their future, a stable and nurturing home, and a loving support system.

schoolboy crying in the hallway of the school, negative emotion

At Choice, we strive to provide supportive alternatives to foster care, so that moms, kids and families can all find the best in life. For some birth mothers, like Kaitlin, choosing an open adoption plan at her child’s birth was the perfect option for both her and her baby to have a beautiful future. For other families, like Marissa’s, choosing an open adoption plan happened later down the road, when her two boys were in school. Each family’s situation is unique, and we believe that it deserves a unique choice.

There is power in being able to make the choice that’s best for you and your kids, and we want you to know your options. If you are experiencing a crisis pregnancy or are worried about the possibility of foster care for your kids, you can connect with our team by chatting with us on our website, or by calling or texting (503) 550-9310 for support. You don’t have to go through life alone, especially when weighing such important decisions. At Choice, it’s our promise that we will uplift, support, and empower you to make your choice.