Chris & Margot

Thank you for considering adoption and looking at our book!  We can’t imagine how challenging this time may be for you.  We appreciate you and your amazing gift. After our daughter turned 2, we were ready for a second child.  Margot then experienced health circumstances where being pregnant could be risky to her health. The idea of adoption kept rising to the top of our options and we have been in the process of trying to adopt for 2 years.  Margot always had a feeling she would want to adopt at some point in her life. Although Chris never anticipated this direction, he loves the idea and can’t wait to expand our family.  Being parents is our absolute greatest joy in life. We are eager to see how this beautiful, magical, emotional story unfolds. We promise to love with all of our hearts.  We will always honor you and look forward to working together with you to find special ways to do that.  We know that God has great plans for us all.

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