Chris & Margot

Thank you for considering blessing a family with adoption.  It truly is a blessing!  Our hearts will be filled with so much joy if we are chosen, as we have waited for this baby for so incredibly long.  We know this is a hard time and we hope you find peace and comfort as you make your decision.
We always imagined having several children.  Four years ago, after trying to get pregnant for a couple of years already, we learned it would be too much of a health risk for Margot to become pregnant again.  We were devastated.  Being parents is our greatest joy in life.  Our family is not yet complete and we know our 4th family member is waiting for us somewhere! We are so grateful for the opportunity to choose adoption.
We are trusting God to guide us all through this entire process, even though it is so hard, and can’t wait to see how the rest of this beautiful story unfolds.  We promise to love and cherish this much awaited baby with all of our hearts.  We will always honor you and will find special ways to do that.  We are praying for you and the baby every day and know God has great, wonderful plans.
Chris and Margot

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