Do you have room in your heart for an all-around amazing child whose positive energy and smile is enough to make you want to melt? Well look no further, Destiny is the daughter for you! A young woman of fourteen with a love of all things feline and passion for theater, she is currently searching for her “forever parents” who have been equally seeking a child that is a perfect fit for their family. Destiny openly embraces families of all shapes and sizes (and a weakness for fur babies – a special love for cats is a plus!) and dreams of nothing more than to soak up all of her adoptive parents love and to shine like the future actress she hopes to become – both on and off stage.

Destiny is no different than other young teens out there who enjoy being social, whether that’s chatting with friends on the phone, collaborating on stories together, or simply mingling with new people, this social butterfly is truly a people person and utilizes this trait to thrive personally and academically. Honestly, there is so much to say about Destiny that, in truth, a blog post could hardly do justice, but if you’re beyond ready to add a charismatic young lady to your family and nurture her into the aspiring super-star she dreams of becoming, then pull up a seat and settle in for becoming this girl’s greatest fan!

Did you know that you can be single and adopt a foster child? While it is a very common misconception about Foster-adoption, potential single adoptive parents are considered and held to the same standards as couples who are seeking to adopt – this applies to working prospective parents too!