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Finding out you have an unplanned pregnancy can be a source of anxiety. There will be many offering advice or trying to tell you what you should do. You have the power of choice about what happens with your baby. Talk with one of our advocates. Use the text box at the bottom of the screen or you can call/text 503-550-9310.

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Talk with an advocate

If you find out you’re pregnant, we have advocates available at no cost to you. They are your confidential mentors ready to help guide you on your next steps. Advocates can connect you with resources such as housing, food, and prenatal care. No obligation. No pressure. Just love. Use the text box at the bottom of the screen or you can call/text 503-550-9310.

learn your options

There are 4.5 million pregnancies each year in the U.S. and about half are unplanned. You are not alone. The First Parent Initiative and our advocates will provide answers to your questions. Click to learn more.


Parenting is a commitment. Answer for yourself if you are ready to parent, and if you will have the necessary support for you and your child. Now is the time to learn if you are ready to be a parent.


We have families waiting to meet you.  If you choose to make an adoption plan, your adoptive family will remain in relationship with you and honor you.


Terminating a pregnancy seems like an easy fix, and it will come with many emotions.You should receive answers to all of your questions before any decision is final.

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