Local Infant Adoption

Choice Adoptions matches families with birth mothers who have found themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

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Choice Adoptions focuses on birth parents and places them in control of selecting an adoptive family for their baby.  When the birth parent(s) select a potential adoptive family, that family is provided with information about the birth parents. The selected family then has the option to agree and move forward with an official match or to decline and wait for another birth mother selection.  Both the adoptive and birth families are assigned advocates who will walk alongside them throughout their entire adoption journey and be there as a support.

Choice makes it possible for birth and adoptive families to meet before delivery to get to know one another and to decide what level of openness they desire in communication after the baby is placed. The adoptive family can be an integral part of the hospital experience and often is invited to the labor and delivery by the birth mother. Advocates from Choice are present at the hospital to support both the birth and the adoptive families and to ensure a smooth experience for all involved. Choice advocates facilitate all the legal paperwork at the hospital and continue offering support as long as it’s needed post placement. Additional information is available in the Information Packet.

National Infant Adoption

Choice Adoptions has partnered with dozens adoption agencies to place newborns with qualified families.

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The National Infant program is an option for families open to babies with a variety of backgrounds from all over the United States. Choice partners with National adoption agencies who are working with birth mothers looking for a specific type of family that may not be offered within their agency. Choice will complete a home study, provide training and offers guidance in beginning the adoption process. Our partner agencies collect and provide available background information about the birth parent(s).

Birth mothers that are a potential match with our waiting families are provided copies of the family’s profile book. Families receive information about the birthparents and decide if this is the right match. Interstate adoption laws generally require travel to the state where the baby is born. Families may be required to stay in the state for up to two weeks while waiting for interstate compact clearance before traveling back home with their baby.  Additional information is available in the Information Packet.

Designated Adoption

This program is for adoptive families that are connected with a birth family prior to agency involvement.

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Choice’s Designated Adoption Program is for families who may have found a birth mother on their own and need an agency to facilitate the formal adoption process.  Choice Adoptions provides relinquishment counseling for the birth family and works with the adoptive family for education and training.  Choice also completes the home study process for the adoptive family and provides post-placement services. Choice processes private interstate adoptions in accordance with the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) and facilitates all necessary legal paperwork. Additional information is available in the Information Packet.

independent adoption

The Independent Adoption Program (often called “Home Study Only) is for families who need a home study completed in Oregon or Washington. 

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Typically, this might be for an adoption by a relative or for a child already in the home. Maybe you are doing a placement with another agency or attorney and need an Oregon or Washington Home Study. This program assists families who only require an Oregon or Washington state home study to be completed.

Choice Adoptions is contracted to complete the home study, post placement supervision, and court report. The family engages an adoption attorney or another placement agency.

Additional information is available in the Information Packet.

Foster Child Adoption

Choice partners with state child welfare agencies to navigate the process to find safe, permanent, and loving homes.

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Choice is equipped to assist families in Oregon and Washington, placing waiting foster children from across the US with families in Oregon and Washington. There are thousands of children in foster care across the U.S. waiting for permanent adoptive families, and Choice Adoptions strives to match children who need families with families who can provide these exceptional children with a lifetime of love and acceptance. The children in state custody have a wide range of special needs resulting from varied backgrounds and life experiences.

Choice partners with state foster care systems to help place waiting children in permanent, loving families. After a family completes the home study process, they are eligible to be considered as parents for children who have been identified for adoption. Choice staff inquires with the child’s caseworkers on behalf of prospective families, and families have the opportunity to learn about each child’s unique needs through an in-depth matching process.

Additional information is available in the Information Packet.

Heart Gallery

These children are currently in foster families and have been deemed eligible for a permanent placement with an adoptive family.

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The Heart Gallery of Hope is a National program that partners with professional photographers who generously donate their time and talents to capture the spirit and personality of children awaiting adoption.  These children are currently in foster families throughout the state and have been deemed eligible for a permanent placement with an adoptive family.  Choice Adoptions is one of two agencies on Oregon who facilitates the program for children in the Northwest.  The goal of the online gallery and traveling displays is to encourage families to open their homes and hearts to these deserving children. 

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Info Resources

Choice Adoptions is a domestic child placing agency licensed in Oregon and Washington. We have several programs available to match children and families. You can request details by contacting our office by calling

(503) 232-1211 or sending an email to mail@choiceadoptions.org


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The prospect of paying for adoption can be intimidating. Never fear! There are plenty of resources to help make your adoption affordable.  You will find them included in our Information Packet – download it now.